Advanced UX Design Solutions for distinct needs.

Offering a variety of advanced UX solutions that can fit and be molded into every type of project need and help upscale your business outcomes. Whether it be a fresh brew, a need to advance your existing product or the acquisition of a dedicated resource to fulfill your product's design requirements.

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Our UX Solutions

Start from scratch

Shape the journey of your idea from your mind to the user’s mind. Best suited for startups and firms working on new ideas.

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Design Process for New Product

A brand-new idea and innovation are welcomed with open hearts, nurtured and fueled to excellence and finally, a user-centric product design is delivered to you. Our team of experts combines creativity and technical expertise to deliver exceptional design solutions that will set your product apart.



Scooping into product Usability, Competitor Strategies, and User Psyche


UX Conception

Defining the User Stories and Information Architecture.



Outlining the blueprints and flow of design solutions that reflect business and user needs.


Interface Design

Visualizing the product Interface and Interactions while maintaining a design system

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Existing product

Redefine the experience to revolutionize the product to a new glory.

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Improve or redesign an existing product

Reimagine your existing product to stay competitive and meet the evolving needs of users and the market. Identify the opportunities for improvement with our human-centric design approach and deliver an engaging product experience driving business growth.



Investigating the current product thoroughly to uncover the blockers


Approach Definition

Prioritization & Bifurcation of the major blockers based on product metrics


UX Research

Examining the data and facts of the last phase to outline a UX Strategy



Outlining the blueprints and user flow and sketching refined user journeys based on UX Strategy


Interface Design

Re-visualizing the product Interface to make it consistent, scalable, and robust.

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Dedicated Team

Behind a great product is never a team of experts but teams of experts. Hire UI UX Designers.

Hire UI/UX Designer

Hire a Dynamic UX Team

Our dedicated resources help you build a competitive edge for your business with interactive user experiences. Hiring a dedicated design team ensures that you have a group of talented and experienced professionals who are solely focused on bringing your vision to life. You can expect a higher level of consistency, attention to detail, and creativity in your designs.


Requirement Analysis

After analyzing and understanding the project requirements, we shortlist the relevant design resources for your project.


Resource Interview

Our team will schedule & facilitate the interview for you and the dedicated resource to help you get to know the designer who will be working with you.


Onboarding & Project Kick-off

Our UI UX designer will work closely with you providing regular updates, and working on design feedback according to your requirements ensuring a successful completion of your project.

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Featured Case Studies


Keeping abreast with the trends in designing, we have penetrated and tested our expertise in multiple industries for valuable growth.

Business Analysis
Identify functionality or features required to fulfill your business goals or to bring your idea into a systematic manner/paper.
Product Ignitor
Is your product a failure proof or proof of failure? Validate your idea by developing wireframes & prototypes of your product. Check the user flow, functionality, and features of your product.
User Experience Analysis
User behavior changes with time. Upgrade your UX with users’ new behavior patterns. Conduct in-depth UX Research to analyze your product’s UX and define a UX Strategy.
UX Audit
Find the Achilles heel of your product. Usability testing, heuristic evaluation, and UX audit tools analytics are utilized to find the core issue.
Digital Branding
Leverage the discipline of color psychology to build a strong brand identity. A creative team of branding experts and designers will be working on infusing brand attributes into your brand identity

Why Choose us


User-First & Business focused.

Achieving user objectives hand-in-hand with business objectives. It's our cup of tea. We design experiences that are user-centric and business-driven. Aligning user needs with the business objective by introducing blockers, divergent, and flows to serve the tea user's want but in the way the business wanted.


Valuable or nothing

We make products valuable by defining user enjoyable experience that helps the brand to build a strong relationship. Engagement is the byproduct of enjoyable experiences. Have you seen anyone leave a place they enjoy? Nope. Neither have us.


Strategic Growth

Experiences designed by naive are time bombs. Valuable UX helps in retaining users and spreading word of mouth, thus ensuring a constant flow of revenue. It avoids the need for redesigning & therein makes it cost-effective.


Intense Research

We are a research-driven UX Agency. Research is the roadmap to discovering the unfulfilled potential & solutions to product & user problems. Competitive research, user research, product analysis & UX Research are significant to a product’s growth.

Industry we serve

Keeping abreast with the trends in designing, we have penetrated and tested our expertise in multiple industries for valuable growth.


We create user-centered designs that are intuitive and easy to use based on understanding the needs and behaviors of the users to increase engagement and boost revenue.

  • B2B & B2C SaaS platforms
  • CRM, HRMS, Project Management, & ERPs
  • SaaS for Enterprise
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Creating a benchmark with the enhanced shopping experience with our UI UX design services that help increase user retention and boost user action for eCommerce platforms.

  • Fashion E-commerce
  • Online Marketplaces
  • Brands and online retailers stores
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Helping fintech platforms in making digitalized payments and managing finances secure and easy with a user-centric approach by empathizing with users.

  • Payment & banking
  • Crypto Wallets
  • Insurance & Stocks Management App
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Making the platform more efficient and effective for both job seekers and employers with user-friendly interfaces, intuitive navigation, and helpful features.

  • Recruitment management software
  • Applicant tracking software
  • HRMS Software
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Built for the students and the tutors, we craft UX designs for Edtech platforms that have easy onboarding, are easy to use, and engaging. Designing an elevated E-learning experience.

  • Learning Management Systems
  • E-learning apps
  • Online tutoring platforms
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Health Tech

We create user experience designs for the healthcare tech industry that are simplified, super-intuitive, and patient-focused.

  • Fitness Studio apps
  • Mental Health apps
  • Pharmacy delivery Apps
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The Code Theorem team was highly professional and process-oriented. Their ability to understand our vision and translate them into user-centric wireframes and design is exceptional.
Sasha Perez
Sasha Perez
Co-founder & CEO
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Can we hire a dedicated UX designer from your agency?

Yes, we offer dedicated UX designers on a contract basis. You can hire a dedicated UX designer from our team who will work exclusively on your project. This option is suitable if you have a long-term project that requires ongoing UX design support.

How can your UX design agency help me with product redesign UX design solutions ?

If you already have a digital product design but want to improve its usability and user experience, our UX design agency can help you with a product redesign UX design solution. We can conduct a UX audit to identify usability issues, redesign the information architecture, create new wireframes and prototypes, and perform user testing to validate the new design.

How long does it take to complete a UX design project?

The duration of a UX design project depends on the scope and complexity of the project. After analyzing your project requirements, we provide an estimated timeline for completing the project. We ensure that we deliver the project within the given timeline without compromising on the quality of the UX design.