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Product Type

Web App

Our Role

UI UX Redesign




About Resume Pro

Resume Pro is a resume-making Saas application, that allows aspiring job seekers to create resumes that can help them land their dream jobs. The product allows the users to put in information and choose a relevant template to create the resumes of their liking.

Scope of Project

Concise usability testing of the product
Enriched user experience design for the SaaS product
Addressing the user needs with a simplified interface & reflexive user flow

Our Approach

Design Audit & Usability Testing

To begin with, we conducted usability testing to find out where exactly the problem lies. We aimed to understand why the users were having difficulty locating and finding the templates they wanted. We analyzed the user flow to find the source of problems to enhance the UX.

Virtual Gym approach

Redefining The User flow

We improved the navigation by identifying the friction-causing areas through user journey mapping. Understanding the target audience we created a visual representation of the steps they take to reach their goals throughout the product. Hence, we reassembled an intuitive user flow that is more user-centric and less problematic.

Virtual Gym approach

Wireframing & Prototyping

With an improved user flow, we created wireframes, prototyping, and high-fidelity mockups to visualize the design interface and functionality. We ensured that the user experience design meets the user needs by gathering user feedback and conducting usability testing.

Virtual Gym approach

SaaS Product UX UI redesign | Visual Design

In the final step, we adorned the high-fidelity mockups with aesthetics, graphics, and icons and created a functional yet visually appealing layout for the product, creating a simplified visual design. We designed and arranged UI elements as per the brand guidelines complimenting the visual identity.

Virtual Gym approach


We completed a redesign of the SaaS product based on the usability testing results. Improving the overall user experience we ensured its consistency at every touchpoint. Primarily, we enhanced the template finding and selection process.

The intuitive interface helped make the resume-building process faster and smoother. As a result, the client received positive feedback in terms of user retention as well as an increase in new users.

Client Testimonials

We had several meetings with different design agencies but no one got our vision and requirement like the Codetheorem team. And well the results were exacts as we expected.

Oliver white Co-founder


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