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Plant Shop

Natur - Plant Shop

An ecommerce website design for plants and its accessories


Clotheory - A Fashion Ecommerce

Ecommerce Mobile app redesign for Clothing Brand

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E-commerce is more than just a website - it's a fully integrated sales and marketing ecosystem that can be enhanced with UI UX design. Our comprehensive e-commerce UI UX design services go beyond aesthetics to help businesses achieve their sales and marketing goals.

From designing and developing e-commerce websites that convert to building custom dashboards that provide real-time data insights, our team of experts has enabled numerous clients to achieve significant growth and success in the competitive world of e-commerce.

Design for an eCommerce platform

Here’s how we add value to your eCommerce platform through design expertise.

Product Reviews

Since UI and UX design plays a crucial role in helping e-commerce business to define their consumer’s perceptions and build credibility through customer reviews, the feature asking for post-purchase reviews allows users to see real-time feedback on products. 

Price Comparison

The accessibility of comparison tables is a deal-breaker in elevating the D2C experience. The users can compare the prices with various options and easily arrive at the most optimal decision. 

Product Information & Order Tracking

E-commerce UI UX design enables startups and enterprises to display relevant product information and order updates which helps users to make smart buying decisions and increase user satisfaction rates. 

Seamless Payments

When designing e-commerce platforms, a seamless payment process is important. To provide customers with a seamless experience when purchasing, it should have clear and concise payment options, minimal steps, and a mobile-friendly e-commerce UI design all while keeping security in mind.

Push Notifications

How many times do users leave their shopping carts without any action? Here, push notifications work as a reminder for users to go back to their shopping carts. Push notifications with personalization and relevant UX writing can help improve customer engagement, drive sales, and enhance the overall user experience. 

Intelligent Search

The intelligent search uses NLP and ML algorithms to understand user queries better. Users find exactly what they’re looking for with personalized recommendations and instant results. It helps in increasing conversion rates, leading to higher revenue for the business. 

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E-commerce UI UX design services

B2B & B2C E-commerce UI UX design services that drive real-time business profit

E-commerce Website design

With our e-commerce web design services you can get stunning and user-friendly online stores that convert visitors into customers. Our team of expert UI UX designers works closely with you to create a custom website tailored to your brand, with a focus on functionality, ease of use, and aesthetic appeal

E-commerce UX Design

Combining research, strategy, and creativity to create a seamless and engaging user experience. Our e-commerce UX design services help you drive conversion, improve brand recognition, and increase customer loyalty for your e-commerce startup.

E-commerce Design Audit

Our eCommerce design experts can help zero in on problematic areas in your customer sales funnel with expert UX audit and make new, and effortless design solutions that encourage customers to complete their shopping goals.

E-commerce Design System

Design systems allow online platforms to stay up-to-date and make global changes with less effort. For your eCommerce platform, get a custom design system made which enables rapid changes and a cohesive design experience across devices.

E-commerce UI Design

Our e-commerce UI design services offer a user-centered approach to creating visually stunning, intuitive interfaces that enhance user experience, increase engagement, and drive sales.

E-commerce App Design

We create SaaS product design that is effortless and seamlessly guides the users to take the intended actions.

E-commerce Dashboard Design

Enabling businesses to easily track their sales, inventory, and customer behavior; we provide customized dashboards that present relevant data in a visually appealing and organized manner, helping businesses make data-driven decisions and improve their overall performance.

Why hire an e-commerce website design company ?

Benefits of hiring an e-commerce web design company

Intuitive digital experiences

Increase customer satisfaction with a simplified interface and a customer-centric B2C e-commerce solution. With our design expertise and proven strategies, you can ensure a seamless product experience across platforms for your e-commerce business. B2B E-commerce web design helps enhance the design tailor-made to meet your business goals and user needs.

Industry Expertise

Being the experts in our domain, we hold the necessary experience to create a custom e-commerce website design solution. You can get valuable feedback and recommendations working with us for your project based on our past projects, industry, and more.

Customer Retention

UI UX design is a great way to retain customers and keep them hooked on your e-commerce website. With our e-commerce web design services you can ensure that your website allows smooth user interaction, and easy navigation, and has an intuitive design.

Increase customer-lifetime-value

The goal of your e-commerce website is to convert visitors into customers. As a professional e-commerce web design agency, we design your website with a focus on conversion, incorporating elements such as clear calls-to-action, intuitive navigation, and streamlined checkout processes to help maximize sales.

Product Discoverability

Our UI UX design experts can help you make the product discoverable to new and existing users. This will reflect the business growth through increased revenue and an increase in the average cart value.

Mobile first accessibility

As an e-commerce web design agency we understand how a mobile-friendly website can help an e-commerce platform. Every B2B e-commerce web design we create is built for scalability. By hiring a web design agency, you will be able to ensure that your website is optimized for mobile devices, providing a seamless user experience for e-commerce across all devices.

Word on the Streets

The Code Theorem team was highly professional and process-oriented. Their ability to understand our vision and translate them into user-centric wireframes and design is exceptional.

Sasha Perez

Sasha Perez

Co-founder & CEO

We found our own extended design team. They shared the same dedication as us and we applaud their commitment and the talent they possess.

Jade Green

Jade Green

Design Lead

Thanks to Code Theorem's efforts, they created a user-friendly and appealing site that received a lot of positive feedback and compliments from the visitors. The team had a keen understanding of the client's perspective, bringing it into life resonating with their vision.

Alice Wills

Alice Wills

Project Manager

Code Theorem is our partners not Vendors. They invested time to understand our brand, vision, and products as well as to understand our audience.

Stephen Clark

Stephen Clark

Co-founder & CEO

They elevated the UI to not look like a typical bootstrap product.

Puroshottam Kiri

Puroshottam Kiri


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How important is responsive design in e-commerce web design?

Responsive design is critical in e-commerce web design because it ensures that the website looks and functions optimally on all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. This is particularly important because mobile traffic now accounts for the majority of all online traffic.

What are some common mistakes in e-commerce mobile app design?

Common mistakes in e-commerce app design include cluttered interfaces, confusing navigation, slow load times, and a lack of responsiveness on different devices. These issues can lead to user frustration and decreased engagement with the app.

What are some effective strategies for improving conversion rates on e-commerce websites?

Effective strategies for improving conversion rates on e-commerce websites include offering free shipping, simplifying the checkout process, including social proof such as customer reviews, and optimizing product pages for search engines.

What are the benefits of having a professional UI/UX design for an e-commerce website?

A professional UI/UX design for an e-commerce website can improve user engagement, increase conversion rates, and boost customer loyalty. It can also improve brand perception and help differentiate your website from competitors.

Do you offer ongoing maintenance and support for the e-commerce website after it's launched?

Yes, we offer ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure that your website stays up-to-date, secure, and functioning smoothly.

What is the process for creating a custom e-commerce web design?

Our process begins with a consultation to understand your business needs and goals. We then create a custom design that aligns with your brand identity and includes all necessary features for optimal functionality. Once the design is approved, we develop the website and conduct thorough testing to ensure it is error-free and user-friendly. Finally, we launch the website and provide ongoing support to ensure its continued success.

What is UI/UX design for e-commerce websites, and why is it important?

UI/UX design refers to the process of designing user interfaces and user experiences for e-commerce websites. It is important because it directly affects the user's ability to navigate the website, find what they are looking for, and complete transactions.