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Customer Relationship Management Platform- Emroll

Automating the process of managing leads, and project timesheets to generating and managing Invoices in one place.



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Web app

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About Emroll CRM

Emroll CRM is a boon to Solopeuners, Freelancers, or SMEs. It helps boost productivity by Automating the process of Managing Leads, Project timesheets to Generating and Managing Invoices in one place. 

Scope of Project

Brainstorming the current Sales Cycle to define a seamless UX design
Web App Visual Design centered on google material design principles
Automating the process of Prospecting → Deals → Invoice

Our Approach

Understanding Sales Life Cycle

In the discovery phase, we kicked off with user interviews with the CEOs, Business Beads, and lead generation experts to identify the key challenges. Simultaneously, we researched the existing CRM platforms available & their UX flows.

Virtual Gym approach

Redefining User Flow & Initial User Testing

Utilizing the research outcomes, we redefine and optimize the user flows to iterate wireframes identifying the areas of improvement. Here, we focused on the core functionality i.e., the primary actions that include inputting and managing the prospect data, lead, timesheet, and invoices.

Virtual Gym approach

Wireframe Design

Wireframes conclude the primary user flow and the key actions including analysis of patterns to make strategic decisions, allowing tracking leads in each step to understand where the problem lies and crack it. The application allows one to create an invoice for a client in no time.

Virtual Gym approach

Visual Design

The dashboard design is simplified to make the data accessible which elevates business decisions. Building a seamless experience that makes users’ daily processes agile. The self-explanatory design meets the user expectations- easy to operate and requires minimum effort to get the work done.

Virtual Gym approach


Conducting real-time user testing with clickable prototypes we contrived a user-focused design.  Primarily, the reporting dashboard frames all the details of the sales pipeline. The sleek user flow was built that required minimum effort and easy data access. And the automated outreach and email & calendar integration help reduce time on lead generation.

Client Testimonials

Code Theorem is our partners not Vendors. They invested time to understand our brand, vision, and products as well as to understand our audience.

Stephen Clark Co-founder & CEO


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