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Knowing your target audience will definitely take you a step ahead. This is possible by conducting a usability audit and a health check of your website or app. Startups that want to validate their MVPs consider UI UX audit as the primary task.

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Code Theorem is the right choice for when it comes to UX Audit & UX Review. Our research team will help you when your product is not performing as expected or when your conversion is low & the user churn rate is high. We’ll find the gap and bring measurable solutions to boost user retention.

Product Design

Research & Strategy Services

Realize the untapped potential of your product.

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Scoping Session

Scoping sessions with our experts help you shape your business’s ideas for product success. From time and cost estimation to scope definition, we go over every aspect of project planning.

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Product Design Sprint

Our experts conduct product design sprints to find solutions to your critical business challenges and build an impactful product that meets users’ needs.

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Research & Development

Our research and development strategy assists businesses in penetrating the market by providing solutions, developing a minimum viable product (MVP), and determining a go-to-market plan.

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UX Audit

Our UX Audit consultants conduct workshops to provide solutions that boost client lifetime value and retention, resulting in a higher ROI.

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Our Approach

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1. Off Meeting

The discovery phase is where we arrange for a meeting, discuss the problem space, and map any assumptions or biases with our team.

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2. Define Research Plan

After consulting the design research team, we define a research plan and decide which modes of research will best solve the problem.

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3. Execute Research Plan

We schedule an interview, develop a discussion guide, prepare the team for executing a research plan and run a pilot test to collect valuable insights and information about users.

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4. Finding & Analysis

We debrief and analyze the results of tests and create a rough design requirement and summaries from research. After that, we shared it with our designers.

Briefing Stakeholders Icon

5. Briefing Stakeholders

Our skilled designers prepare design mockups in the appropriate level of fidelity and present them in front of stakeholders and users for concept validation.

Word on the Streets


We found our own extended team with code theorem. They shared the same dedication and focus on the project. And we applaud their commitment and the talent they possess.

Jade Green
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Their knowledge in user research strategies and designing as well as implementing them for crafting astonishing user experiences was the turning point for us. Honestly, they changed the way we think about Indian design firms, & our decision to go for Code Theorem worked wonders for us!

Sasha Perez
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The Code Theorem team was highly professional and organized. Their ability to understand our user’s need and translate them into user-centric wireframes and design is exceptional.

George Hall
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Code Theorem is the best reliable partner we could find. They invested time to understand our brand, vision, and products as well as to understand our audience. The brand strategy provided by them gave us a clear vision of where our brand should be. They are dedicated, smart, and highly competent.

Stephen Clark
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Why Hire a UX Research Agency?

Research reveals your product's untapped potential, while strategy enables your product to capture the market. We help you make strategic decisions based on thorough user research & product strategy.


Unbiased UX Research

We avoid confirmation bias. Instead, our in-house UX research team processes the information by conducting valuable surveys and observatory sessions to exactly step into the shoes of users and uncover what they are looking for. Of course, we follow the same methodology during any concrete decision-making process for product development and brand building.
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Professional Services

We hire well-versed professionals with the knowledge of the latest subject, technology, and processes and help understand users’ behavior. Our experts emphasize critical thinking and innovative approaches to deliver extraordinary to the clients. So for professional UX Research solutions, Code Theorem will never let you down.


Business Value

We are a team of professional UX researchers who help you create an optimal product for your users. Through this, we identify the early adopters and see your users in action and improve your business value with the right strategic formulation. It will improve your conversion and brand recognition widely.


Data-Driven Decision

We do not rely on assumptions. Instead, our UX researcher conducts research and uses metrics, data, and facts to present strategic business decisions aligned with your business objective, goals, and initiative. We analyze patterns, measurable KPIs to understand target users and support the development of future and existing products.


Welcomes Change

Code Theorem believes in openness and values every opinion and idea. We can comprehend and take on the viewpoint of team members and other stakeholders to make things accurate and fairly judged. Our entire team works in synergy and contributes crucially to executing strategies by interpreting multiple perspectives.

Engagement Model

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Book hourly models now to track and gauge the task completion for quality results.

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Fixed Cost

We finish work before the deadline, along with timely updates.

   Fixed Requirement
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   One time Projects
   Optimal Flexible and Fixed Cost
   Pre-defined milestones Payments
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If you are unsure when your work requirements can pop-up, choose and Ad hoc

   Unclear Requirement
   No Commitment of work
   Long/Short Projects
   Greater Control & Flexibility
   Requirement Based Payments

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