Product Design

A Cheque Management App - EzyCheck

A mobile application to scan, and store cheques and track the transactions for individuals and businesses.



Product Type

Mobile App

Our Role

UI UX Design




About EzyCheck

Ezy Check is a mobile application that allows users to scan and store the crucial details of their cheques. It is ideal for individuals and businesses who need to keep track of their regular cheque transactions.

Scope of Project

Creating a seamless user flow and easy navigation
Minimal interface design from scratch
A seamless user experience design

Our Approach

Brainstorming session | Understanding the project requirements

The concept of EzyCheck was a fresh brew to us. With an intrigued mind, we understood the client's requirements and what were the expected deliverables to get on the same page as the client. This step brought a broader sense for proceeding with the research and forming design solutions.

Virtual Gym approach

UX Research

To understand the target audience better and create an app UI UX design that aligns with the needs of the users, we conducted extensive user research. We performed a detailed user and competitive analysis to define the user flow and determine how the product’s design can deliver a valuable experience to the users.

Virtual Gym approach

Wireframing & Prototyping

We created wireframes to test the UX concepts and see how they can be viable by testing with a group of individuals representing the target audience. We formed high-fidelity mockups from the basic wireframes which helped in refining the user flow without the need of making significant changes in the final design.

Virtual Gym approach

Mobile App Visual Design

After testing and validating UX concepts with high-fidelity prototypes, we created the visual design for the mobile application with a set of coherent interface elements. The UI components worked together to offer a hassle-free user experience. The seamless UX design allows users to effortlessly enter data, manage, and sort their cheque details in a simplified manner.

Virtual Gym approach


We designed an intuitive and seamless UX  design for the EzyCheck application. Creating a UX design that users could easily navigate through—the design assists in scanning and managing the cheques. The client received positive feedback for the ease of use and reliability.

The design focused on the key audiences and delivered a solution that met the user needs i.e., to add and manage the cheque details in a fast and secure way. We ensured design consistency throughout the app which assisted in creating credibility for the client.

Client Testimonials

It was a great journey working with Codetheorem Team. They quickly understood the requirement and our expectation.

James Bailey CEO


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