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Wireframing is the best way to design and sketch out the layout of the website or mobile application. They are basically black and white layouts that outline the features and functions, arrangement of navigation tools as well as placement of icons and elements. 

Well, you might be knowing, that, Wireframing is done at the initial stages of the designing process. It is similar to a blueprint where you can structure out the position and give your site a beautiful treatment.

How To Make Your Wireframe In Four Steps

Do you want to generate leads?

Then follow these easy-to-go wireframing steps. This will definitely deliver a delightful experience to your users. So, stay tuned with us! 

STEP: 1 Research. Research. Research 

Before picking up your pen and paper, make sure you have done well-thought-out research. Yes, you must be well versed with-

  • Knowing your targeted demographics 
  • And creating a User Persona for quick segmentation 

It is important to learn more about your audience, the more you can. Simultaneously, go for the industrial market and evaluate the strategies of your next-to-go competitor. This will help you while brainstorming for design. 

If required, you can know the trending themes with Dribbble or Behance for better insight. 

STEP 2: Skimming the best from Research 

Now, that, you have understood your user’s profile, skim out the best ideas and innovative features from the research-based information. 

You can jot down all the essential commands, and facts, or prepare a collection of notes for quick access in a cheat sheet. 

This won’t let you forget your much-creative ideas!! 

STEP 3: Systematic Presentation with Information Architecture 

Are you confused, how many screens to add? 

Well, this can lead to a cluttering design – messy and a bit disorganized.

Therefore, you need to prepare a specific information architecture to navigate the users with a cleaner interface. It will optimize the search and help the audience in finding any information just with a simple click. 

So, go for a systematic presentation of information, once you are done with skimming. Note that, you still haven’t picked your pen and paper. 

STEP 4: Sketching, Testing, and prototyping 

Now, you are super ready to hold your weapon, (of course, pen and paper) to sketch the features. Make sure you also, look after the aesthetics. 

No need to worry about the color palette. Keep it light grey and plain. If required, use a thick sketch or marker pen to emboss the pathways. 

Once you have sketched out the ideas, go for prototyping.

Convert your wireframing into a prototype to test the feasibility of the design. It is good to evaluate the workability with real user testing. You will get effective results. 

Now, let’s know which tools are good to try for wireframing—

Wireframing Tools That Are Actually Beneficial For Designing Process:

Wireframing, in all essence, is a powerful process that focuses on the usability aspect of the design. Here, you can point out the needs and requirements of the user and accordingly design the layout for a seamless engagement. 

  • MockFlow
mockflow wireframing

MockFlow helps you in visualizing the sketch interface layouts by selecting the best component that offers an outstanding UI. 

You can also collaborate for sharing the designs. Mock Store has a vast collection of themes and UI components to power up your website with mind-blowing concepts. 

  • Wireframe. cc
wireframe cc

Wireframe. cc is a fine-tuned tool for wireframing, ideally designed for beginners. It comes with a WYSIWYG interface where you can kick start with wireframes. 

No need to create an account. Just click and start drawing the layout! Give it a try once, you will love it! 

  • SimpleDiagrams

SimpleDiagrams is a Desktop based application to create wireframing in quick easy steps. It has 50+ pre-drawn shapes, which you only need to select and arrange as per your requirement. These tools often make your designs interactive and intuitive. 

P.S.: Hand Sketched designs still ace the list, if you are a really good artist. 

Why do UX Designers use Wireframing?

Wireframing goes beyond simplifying the designing process and brings the most advanced features to your business. It is often considered the backbone where you can cement the architecture and works with proper planning. 

Brings clarity to any project 

Wireframing is one of the best ways to visually display the project’s architecture and bring the utmost clarity before working over it. 

It can easily transform your brainstorming idea or abstract flow chart into action by sketching tangibly without distractions. 

Communicating with the client 

The most challenging is –communicating with the client and showing them your ideas – how it will actually work. So, UX Designers mainly go for manual drawing or use specific tools to wireframe the concept and define the pathway to the goal. You can show them-

  • The content structure 
  • Placement of Call to actions 
  • Social media buttons for quick sharing 
  • Look and feel the site to avoid cluttering 
  • Helps you with the SEO purpose

Do you know an effective wireframing can help you with SEO practices?

It improves the content by adjusting a few blocks to the design to make it look appealing. 

So, if you have the best content, still, it won’t benefit you much, if it got a chunky layout. Few more thing matters the most for SEO-

  • It must have bullet points 
  • De-cluttered subheadings 
  • Cleaner and bolder font size 

This is how wireframing makes your content reader-friendly and increases the dwell time per user –that’s good even for SEO. 

When will you start wireframing?

From low-to-medium-to-high fidelity, wireframing has got your back to present the best layout for your unique website. Let’s give it a stand-out by hiring the best Design Agency. 

Code Theorem goes beyond traditional wireframing to deliver a compelling design for a perfect outstanding look. 

Contact us now to create a high-conversion website with visually appealing wireframing! 

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