User Experience: What is it & Why it is so important?

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The article talks about the importance of user experience for businesses and designers. It also includes UX Designing Process and steps to improve UX

“How to attract users with my website?”

“Facing troubles in attaining customer satisfaction?”

“Does your customer think your website or mobile app is less credible?”

Have you ever thought about where the problem is?

A poor UX Design is the problem.

An interactive UX design keeps users hooked and customers satisfied. In fact, it increases the return on investment. If you don’t believe it, check this article now.

What is User Experience (UX)?

UX Design (User Experience) is the process of how a user interacts with the system. This includes desktop software, website, mobile application, and any form of device or human interaction. User Experience is a huge phenomenon in its own way. Today, no designer will say that there is no need for beautification if the product is functioning smoothly.

With the growing time and advancement in technology, the role of UX designers has come into the picture. Today they focus more on creating designs that communicate with the audience and empathize and convince the client.

So if you want to create an impressive design for your products, hire professionals for user experience design. Because UX design is the ladder to a successful product launch.

Why User Experience is Important in UI / UX Design?

Every business wants to grow and make significant profits. In that case, UX design plays an important role in fulfilling your business objective. This will not only attract the users but also help you in attaining customer satisfaction that ultimately increases the number of users of the specific application.

Yes, you have guessed it right. UI UX Design contributes to winning the confidence of customers and making them use your website or application for a longer period of time.

However, with lots of alternatives and choices available for the services or products, you will have to attract the user just within a lesser time, directly hitting the bull’s eye.

  • Keep customers in mind and prepare the basic model of any application
  • Focuses on wireframing an application appropriate
  • Improve the presentation of visual elements

Right from start-up to small business and large-scale enterprise, UX and UI designing have become very much important in creating the first impression.

What makes a great user experience?

User Experience is subjective by nature. Any product that you are working on today, may or may not become the potential product for the customers. Wondering why? Because the taste, preferences, and attitude of customers often vary widely.

Thus, user Experience becomes powerful and successful only when you get into the heads of your users, talk to them, and watch them using your product and collect insights based on their feedback.

You need to learn a lot of things from users before working on the product. And that’s how you can understand what a user wants and how you can get it. So pay attention to your users and listen to their requirements. That’s the secret to launching a product successfully.

How would you approach a client when he comes with any problem?

Do you straightaway run to the one fits all approach? Or go deep into the subject matter. Here we have discussed a sequential UX design process that will help you find out the pain points and relevant solutions.

1. Creating a user personas

user persona in UX

First of all, you will have to create a user persona of your audience. Spend reasonable time to know your audience and develop experiences related to the emotions and attitude of the user. This will help you in understanding who your target audience is and how you can design your product or service for them.

2. Conducting the interview of users

Interview of users in UX

As we know that user experience is very subjective and you can design your product based on one sample size. Therefore it is always preferable to conduct interviews of new and existing clients in order to gain insight for preparing the most effective and successful product design.

3.  Preparing descriptions of the product

Product Description in UX

Now once you have created a user interview, you will have to prepare a short and crisp description of the product explaining its features from the perspective of a user. The main objective is to connect with such a user group who are exactly looking for that feature.

4.  Functionality of the map

Functionality of the map in UX

Start creating the layout of the pages that you would like to create. Segregate the subpages for your product or service before planning the designing-work for it. This will help you in imagining the process flow adding efficiency to your entire building process.

5.  Working on the Wireframes


It is advised to invest a significant amount of time in creating wireframes for a visual representation on each page. Such a visual guide represents the skeletal framework that helps you in tracking and removing the errors and flaws at the very early stage.

6.  Creating a Prototype

Prototype for user experience

If you know, Prototype is the trial version of your final product that will tell you how your product is going to perform. The main objective here is to curb the extra time and cost involved in production for uploading the final product in the market before knowing the possibility of success.

7.  Usability Testing

usability testing in User experience

Usability Testing is generally done with the real users in a specific targeted region in order to identify the roadblocks and accordingly work upon them. It is conducted to test how users feel while interacting with the product and you can improve their experience. This is one of the most essential parts of UI and UX design.

How to improve the UI UX of your application?

Improve UI UX for user experience

Below are the important points of UI/UX that you should look upon in order to improve the appearance of your application and its functionality-

1. Loading Speed

The UI UX design of your page must be compatible with an optimum loading speed. Because it will affect the interest of users. For instance, the higher the loading time, the higher would be the bounce rate. And this will become for you to strengthen the customer base. Do you agree?

2. Smooth Interaction

Your UX design must be able to create a smooth interaction with the user. In fact, it must give direction to a user to navigate easily from one page or one window to the other. For any confusion, connect with a professional UX designer.

3.  Simple and clutter-free design

The design of your application must be simple and neat. A hotchpotch and gaudy combination can make it distractive and unreadable. Go for an appealing design with a soothing color combination and font to make it look clutter-free. So, design what users like and not what you like or think.

This is the right time to think for your own site’s UX – The Conclusion

Every business wants to attract customers and generate more sales. But, the main catch here is your distinctiveness towards the product. In order to develop a good product, you need to start with UX first and then UI design.

“UI is the saddle, the stirrups, & the reins. UX is the feeling you get being able to ride the horse.”

Therefore if you are really interested in creating your own site’s UX, then hire the best UI UX Agency.

After all, why compromise when you can hire professionals and get your work done smoothly and successfully. Give us a call straight away for more inquiries.

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