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In today’s digital space, the internet is flooded with lots and lots of websites to accomplish one perspective- ‘To Reach out to the Mass Audience.’ All are competing to gain user attention and generate leads. When you have decided to make a website, you need to figure out what types of websites you want it to be.

In the initial, website design can be overwhelming to think about when you realize the competition out there. But remember one thing. If you want to stand out from the crowd and reach out to potential audiences, you will have to create a website.

Whenever you filter your target audience, services offered, and geographical location, you funnel out the categories that you want on your website.

Different types of websites you can create for your business

Type 1: E-Commerce Website

An E-Commerce website is a direct gateway to a shopping platform. You might have come across such websites to easily shop for products and make payments just with one click. Amazon and Flipkart are examples of these types of websites.

So if you are interested in selling your products through the website, an E-Commerce business plan would be a great idea for you. You have to follow a few steps when building a website-

  • Get your SSL certificate
  • Check out a safe, seamless, and secure payment gateway
  • Invest in an E-Commerce Software
  • Decide your pricing plan

Type 2: Magazine Websites

Magazine Websites

Magazine Websites are created mainly for featured articles – informative or educational on different categories of personalities. The layout of such types of websites would be a bit different than others. Recently the market for magazine websites has shown a sharp uptick by changing the print version to a largely digital format.

Tips to consider while creating magazine websites-

  • Use large and high-quality images
  • Incorporate a grid system to display the content
  • Add a subscribe button above the fold

Hire a professional developer now to make one of the best websites for your business because you cannot do everything on your own.

Type 3: Personal Blog

types of websites

Are you a freelancer or a solopreneur?

Are you working in a specific niche?

If yes, then a Personal Blog website could be the best choice for you. Through this, you can start monetizing just by using your personal blog. Track the views and market your site well to let people know who you are and what services you provide.

Additionally, you can run Affiliate programs, Google AdSense, or sell your service or products to make money.

Type 4: Business Website

Type 4: Business Website

Do you know 70% to 80% of consumers look up businesses online before making any purchase? So, if you run an offline business and do not have a website, then create one.

Whenever you go for making a website, make sure you follow the formula of standardization. The logo, color combination, and unique font you are using must be the same across your website as well as on social media handles. Branding elements used in these types of websites are very crucial because it directly represents your Brand.

Also, if you missed it, you won’t position your brand, and it will look unprofessional. Hire Code Theorem now to explore the best website design for business.

Type 5: Non-Profit website

Non Profit website

Non Profit websites are created mainly for raising awareness, running an unpaid campaign for protesting injustice or any, and funding and donation purposes.

So, if you are running an NGO and want to take it to the next best level, it’s important to design a website. Through this, you can add a factor of credibility for your donors and fundraisers into your attempts.

Besides that, you can use this site to promote the culture of education and health care regime for motivating readers to take action.

Tips to consider here-

  • Have a mobile-optimized design
  • Capture email address for a long-term relationship
  • Show pictures of where you have served

Type 6: Social Media Websites

types of websites

We all are aware of the social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and others. These types of websites are designed specifically for creating engagement with users, photo-sharing activities, building communities, and many others.

For instance, Tumblr is one of the most popular social media websites that let users share the post and connect with their people. It consists of 4800+ blogs with a wide assortment of services.  

Type 7: Blog Websites

types of websites

With the growth in digitalization, Blog websites are becoming popular. It is also known as a digital journal that offers valuable and informative content to readers.

These types of websites mainly include the home page, about us section, podcast, social media handles, and blog sections for offering reading material. You can also sell literary products like a book written by the blog’s author or ad space through this.

Okay, so the difference between a website and a blog website is that- it is designed mainly to write and publish blogs. The key focus here is to drive traffic to the site for monetization.

Type 8: Entertainment Website

Entertainment Website

Are you a vlogger? If yes, then the Entertainment website is your thing for sure. So, you can choose a web page design to share videos, ebooks, music, vlogs, and many others that offer a pack full of entertainment.

Undoubtedly, you can create an entertainment website by collaborating with Netflix through a paid subscription offer for video streaming. Similar to that, you can also create this for wiki, forums, membership, and e-commerce sites to discuss and unveil new products or favorite shows. Feeling excited?

Type 9: Forum Websites

Forum Websites

These types of websites are generally created to promote group discussion publically. It is equal to a support website that offers you various tips, tricks, and hacks to resolve your issues. Often, a user places a query regarding technical issues, and on the other hand, he gets a reply with a concrete solution.

Different types of forum websites vary as designers, developers, SEO specialists, QA analysts, and others. You can create a forum website on your own just by signing in to know the detailed discussion.

Type 10: Small Business Websites

types of websites

Online presence has become a necessity for every small business to get people to know about your offerings. So, without delving much cost over website development, you can hire a developer for building these types of websites

Let’s say for a baking business; you can create a small business website that includes a list of categories of a sweet tooth you are offering, payment mode, and pictures of client satisfaction. Yes, you can create a single-page website too.

Details you must provide here,

  • Hours of operation and availability
  • Address and locality with a site map
  • Contact details  

The Conclusion

Thus, there are endless options available when it comes to building one of the top websites. All you need to do is understand your requirements, select the template, and are halfway done. Then, our developers will build the site – WordPress or Custom to create branding and marketing for your business.

Also, if you are still confused about which website can go perfectly with your business, call Code Theorem now. We will sit with you and help you understand regarding different types of websites available.

Reach out to us for making a web page irresistible. After all, that’s a key part of monetization. Right?  

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