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UI Buttons are one of the best UI material that instinctively attract and convert visitors to buyers. Different types of UI Buttons that you can use; CTA button, Text button, Ghost button, Dropdown button, Floating Action Button (FAB), Hamburger button, Plus button, Expendable button, Share button, Raised buttons.

Do you want solid interactions and a meaningful user experience from your website?

Wait, have you missed something from UI buttons and Color Theory while material designing? You can find those UI buttons below-

What are UI buttons?

UI Buttons are one of the best UI material that instinctively attract and convert visitors to buyers. So, if you are building a landing page, you can’t miss on website button design because buttons reinforce the nature of the action.

These are ordinary and everyday elements that create a smooth conversational flow in web and apps. So while placing UI buttons on your website, it is essential to finalize the touch target size and padding when designing a website layout.

According to the MIT Touch Lab study, the average finger pads lies between 10–14mm while fingertips are 8–10mm where 10mm x 10mm is considered to be a good minimum touch target size.

A few other things you need to consider while placing the UI button-

  •         You must place UI button design where one can spot easily
  •         Add a clear, crisp, and short label to the web button design
  •         Make creative and custom shapes to draw eyes to the centre of the element

“The best way to indicate a button is to use visual cues.”

Different Types of Buttons in User Interface that you can use :

CTA Button

CTA Button - UI Button

CTA (Call-to-action) button is an interactive element that prompts users to register, sign up, buy now, and more. It shall be placed where the user is most likely to see. Here, you can go with buttons with rounded corners as they are striking and really eye-catching.

Text Button

Text Button - UI Button

Text buttons are presented with a piece of text that can be integrated into any shape. This doesn’t look like a button but still, it has a live control that allows users to interact with an interface. These are mainly text labels that fall outside of a block of text. You can hire ux designers to get suggestions on where to place.

Ghost Button

Ghost Button

Ghost buttons are also known as outline buttons that are important but not the primary action on a page. This button design has become quite popular these days particularly for landing pages.

Also if you ever wondered which is better – filled vs ghost buttons, note that it is the game of emphasis. Like, if you want to emphasize your text, filled buttons should be your primary CTA. While, ghost buttons give an elegant, subtle feel to a design.

Dropdown Button

Dropdown Button

Dropdown buttons are commonly used flat buttons. So when you click or hover, you will find a drop down list of mutually exclusive items. It gives an opening list to the user to add any particular item.

Here you can add a smooth animation with a customized drop down color and style the component with CSS selectors. Did we mention that you can add more and more items to the menu just by inputting a few pairs of anchors?

This is one of the most versatile components of UI. You can’t afford to miss this one.

Floating Action Button (FAB)

Floating Action Button (FAB)

Floating Action Buttons assimilates with the primary button that appears in front of all screen content. You might have certainly seen this button but couldn’t be able to recognize it. Check the picture below and you will get an idea.    

Generally, it is available in three different forms- regular, mini, and extended. You just have to select based on your requirements. Through this circular button, you can trigger the primary action in your app’s UI design. Want to give it a try? Hire a professional ui design Company now!

Hamburger Button

Hamburger Button

As the name suggests, Hamburger Button is derived out of the hamburger theme. This is an unintentional resemblance. Wondering how? Check the picture below now.

The hamburger button is an essential part of any website design layouts. You have seen this icon certainly in every website or application, popularly called a menu. One can find these three horizontal lines at the top of many screens, either on the far left or the far right.

A company website with several pages often goes with a hamburger button to let users have access to their pages. “Should I use these buttons?”

  •         It is ubiquitous and easy to recognize
  •         Makes your interface looks cleaner
  •         Serves great as a navigation button

Plus Button

Plus Button

Plus button is really great button design ideas that let users create a new post, add contact information, location details and more items to the list. You must have seen this button in blog posting that gives you a complete freedom to choose from and make adding content more focused.

So when any user taps or clicks on the plus button, it will directly transfer to the modal window of creating content. Now that you know, notice it again when you download any app.

Expendable Button

Expendable Button

Expendable buttons are an extension of the plus button. When you click on it, it gives you a variety of options. So, this could be one of the best layouts for a web page that sets a seamless flow of interaction without overloading the screen.

Let say, if you have a travel website or application, your expendable button will allow a user to add a trip, date, new items or any. Through these design buttons, you can definitely optimize the reach time. Give it a try once

Share Button

Share Button

Share buttons have become extremely popular these days because of the growing social media channels and networks. People love to share the most creative, amazing and informative thing that can ultimately bring more users to your site.

Thus, it is a must to add a share button to your website ui design. Typically, it is presented with brand signs of icons like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. No need to give shape or color to these icons as they must be kept original for better interaction.

Yes, these buttons are easily noticeable. You can place it either at the bottom of your website page or at the top corner. 

Raised Buttons

Raised Buttons

Raised buttons, also known as contained buttons are rectangular. It can add dimension to all the flat layouts. Its embossed effect attracts the users to click and press the button. Also, it can highlight functionality in wide, busy, or otherwise congested spaces.

Thus, try these interesting buttons to your website and applications to give them a sophisticated finish with an appealing call to action for users. And for the most professional result, don’t forget to hire Code Theorem, because we have a unique sight.

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