15 Must have Figma plugins to Level up your design workflow in 2023

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The best part about Figma is– Figma Plugins. These plugins are small helping hands to your design workflow within Figma. The Figma Plugins are third-party plugins created by the Figma community. The plugins in Figma have gained remarkable popularity. And every Figma Designer rely on Figma plugins to streamline their Figma workflow.  

“Figma is like a design wonderland for creative heads.” 

And the way how you can never decide which ride to choose, Figma plugins are no different. They leave you in the dilemma to choose just one Figma plugin. But Figma plugins are one thing that keeps on updating and new ones keep on coming. And to make the hassle of finding the best Figma plugins, we have curated a list for you of the best Figma plugins 2023. It will make your work efficient, easy, and quick without hampering the creative outcome. 

Best Figma Plugins of 2023

No.Figma Plugins 2023Details
1IconifyBiggest Figma Icon Library
2UnsplashFree Stock Images for Figma
3Remove BGRemove background from images
4StorySet by FreepikHigh-quality Illustrations
5StarkMake design accessible
6Lorem IpsumDummy text for Design
7BlushCustomized Illustrations
8Skew DatSkew Design elements
9Wire BoxConvert visual design to Wireframe
10Mockuuups StudioMockup Generator
11ChartsAdd and edit Charts in Design
12A11yColor Contrast Checker
13Content ReelPull Content into Design
14Image TracerTrace & Convert images to Vector
15BlobsCustom Blobs Creator

1. Iconify

Iconify - Figma plugin

Let us present the biggest Figma icon library in the list of Figma plugins.

The wonderful tool is none other than Iconify, which has more than 100 icon sets with over 100,000 icons available for you to use. You can directly search for the icon sets and add them to your design. Each icon set has vector support. 

Moreover, you can also convert code into icons with Iconify. You can edit the icons, and you get to customize them according to your theme and layout. Not just Figma icons, you can add emojis, brand logos, and SVG icons too. Hands down, iconify is the best all-in-one plugin for free Figma icons. Some of our favorite icon sets are Material Design, FontAwesome, & Twitter Emoji.

2. Unsplash

Unsplash - Figma plugin

We’ve known Unsplash as a website with stock images. It has been a go-to for all designers. And Unsplash did a wonderful job by making it into a Figma plugin (Yay!). Certainly, we couldn’t be any more grateful for this. But, above all, you can choose and download free images. There’s a reason why Unsplash is one of the most downloaded Figma plugins, and we’re not even kidding.

You can search for random images or something specific, whatever you need. Unsplash has got you covered with tons of high-quality images for you to choose from. Besides, you don’t need to go out of Figma to grab your image. Instead, open the Figma plugin, search for the image you want, and add it to your design. Unsplash made adding, editing, or replacing an image in your design incredibly simple.

Look no further because we have found one of the best Figma plugins of all!

3. Remove BG

Remove BG - Figma plugin

We know how cumbersome it gets to remove the background from each image. Also, this usually happens when you are working on Figma. Nonetheless, Remove BG is just the right Figma plugin to solve this problem.

You can quickly remove the background from your images with a single click. All you need to have is a Remove.bg account for this Figma plugin. Gone are the days when you had to remove the background manually.

4. Story set by Freepik

Storyset - Figma plugin

Story set is a Figma plugin by Freepik – the free illustration and graphic template tool. The plugin offers a wide variety of high-quality illustrations that can be fully customized to your liking. With this Figma plugin, you can easily find and add illustrations to your project. You can customize the selected illustration however you want from the styles, colors, skin tones, background, design elements, and overall image. 

5. Stark

Stark - Figma plugin

Stark is the Figma plugin that you use to make the design accessible with a good set of features. It detects accessibility issues so that you can identify the problems and correct them while the design is still a WIP.  And to make use of its complete functionality you need a paid version. You no more have to worry about making texts adhere to the web content accessibility guidelines.  

Stark is an all-in-one Figma plugin with a wide range of tools like – 

  • Vision Simulator
  • Contrast checker
  • Vision generator
  • Landmarks & focus order
  • Alt-text Annotations
  • Touch Targets
  • Typography analysis

6. Lorem Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum - Figma plugin

How often have you struggled to fill up the content space while creating the design? While you were focused on your design, the empty content space distracted you. The content is yet to be ready, and it’s certainly not your job. Meanwhile, it would be best to have some text to fill up the space.

You are not going to have time to fill in every blank. Lorem Ipsum is going to save the day for you. It is undoubtedly one of the most downloaded and best-rated Figma plugins for designers. 

When you generate this Figma plugin, it will automatically fill up the text layers with dummy text.

Select the text layer you need the amazing Figma plugin for and select “Generate.” It will generate every text layer separately.

On the contrary, the concept of filler text is not something new; it has been practiced for ages. Lorem Ipsum, our personal favorite, is the twenty-first-century equivalent of filler text! So for most people, seeing this plugin won’t be too odd.

7. Blush 

Blush - Figma plugin

Blush allows one to simply drag any illustration in Figma artboard and modify individual properties of the illustration. It allows not just customization of illustrations but also a variety of illustrations to choose from to add to your artboard. 

All of the illustrations are free to use and download but the paid version allows you to access the SVGs and high-resolution versions of the same illustrations. It carries a forever-free plan to use endless illustrations for personal and commercial purposes. 

There are a unique collection of illustrations available by some talented artists. Blush is also collaborating with illustrators to create some awesome illustrations for the plugin. It is a must-checkout if you are the creator or an illustrator. Blush is the Figma plugin that has been the most memorable one in the year 2022, it will continue to do so in the year 2023. 

8. Skew Dat

Skew Dat - Figma plugin

SkewDat by Unfold is a Figma plugin that allows you to create skewed (or angled) shapes and text in your designs. This plugin allows skewing each and any element in front of your eyes. It is useful to add more dynamic and expressive forms to user interfaces.

Bring life to your design with a Figma plugin that helps make the design elements skew however you want. It allows you to easily skew your illustrations and give them a more 3D feel. The plugin lets you complete the skewing without the hassle of correcting the smallest of details. 

9. Wire Box

Wire Box - Figma plugin

The Wire Box allows you to turn your completed design or a high-fidelity mockup back into a lo-fi wireframe in Figma. Ever reached a stage in the design process where you are looking for a way to revert your current visual design to its wireframe version? Well, here’s the perfect solution for bringing any design back to its wireframe stage. 

The biggest advantage comes for this is you can easily check back on the product’s usability. It allows you to prioritize user needs while maintaining the aesthetics of your design project. The plugin lets you turn your design back to the wires in a single click to prioritize user experience. Additionally, the cheery– Nasty pink makes sure you focus on UX as much as the UI. 

10. Mockuuups Studio

Mockuuups Studio - figma plugin

Every idea inside the brain seems perfect. However, the problem with the design is only identified when the design concepts are rolled out into mockups. It helps visualize how the final output will look like. The Figma plugin is an easy mockup generator that comes with more than 600 various scenes. Moreover, it avails more Figma templates including product mockups, marketing materials, and visual content for social media and blog posts. 


  • Well-organized plugin
  • Instant preview
  • Accessible device types in one place
  • More than 600 various scenes with diverse backgrounds

11. Charts


Charts is our personal favorite of the Figma Plugins! Now you can easily add and edit charts in your Figma design. You get all the chart options – line, pie, doughnut, bar, scatter, and area charts. Furthermore, each chart has its configurations from which you can choose accordingly. Also, you can set the max and min values as you like.

Initially, it will be placed at 0x0 by default if the frame is not selected, and then you can adjust it accordingly. The chart uses a real-time random set of data. You can easily copy-paste your data from Excel, Google Sheets, and numbers, or make a live connection with Google Sheets and remote JSON, local CSV, etc. JSON files.

12. A11y


A11y is a color contrast checker that helps ensure that the text color and the background color don’t match. It is a free-to-use plugin that checks the color contrast ratio and delivers feedback on whether it matches the WCAG’s AA and/or AAA level. 

One of the most common design problems is when the text color and background color mix up and the text is no more left readable. And to resolve this issue, A11y is the Figma plugin that will help you in adhering to the web content accessibility guidelines. 

Moreover, the plugin allows you to understand how the ratio and the color correspond by showing a color slide. The next time you are building a content-rich design this is your go-to plugin to ensure text is readable for the users. 

13. Content Reel

content reel

A plugin created by Microsoft has to be one of the best Figma plugins. It’s important, as well as a time-saver for all of us. The Content Reel helps you pull content into your design. You can easily pull images, text, icons, and even avatars into your Figma design and enhance it.

No doubt, it is a one-stop solution for all your content needs. It has a huge library for the content mentioned above categories. However, when designing, the content space cannot be left blank. And it is a task to fill a large number of layers with text and images. Therefore, it can take up a lot of your time. Certainly, the content reel has made the lives of UX designers much easier.

How do you use the content reel for your design?

  • Select the text or image layer.
  • Choose the content category from the Figma plugin.
  • The content is added.

And if you didn’t know, you can also create and upload your content. And make it public for your fellow designers to use.

14. Image Tracer   

Image tracker

Image Tracer is a plugin that can be used to convert raster images into vector graphics. The plugin is designed to make it easy to trace images and create vector assets that can be used in Figma designs. Some of the features of Image Tracer include automatic tracing, support for custom settings, and the ability to export traced assets in various file formats.

How does it work?

  • Run the image tracer Figma plugin
  • It will choose the selected layers & composes them into a single image- Vector form
  • A new vector layer will be formed with the help of this plugin 

15. Blobs      


Blobs is a Figma plugin that allows you to create organic, abstract shapes called “blobs” in your designs. The Blobs are different from traditional vector shapes in that they can be organic and irregular in shape, which makes them useful for creating unique graphics, backgrounds, and other design elements.

Features of the plugin include:

  • Ability to create blobs with various shapes, such as circles, squares, and triangles.
  • Control over the curviness and overall shape of the blobs.
  • Adjust the number of points on the blob shape.
  • Change the stroke and fill color.
  • Create random blobs with random options

It is a good addition to the design toolbox and can be used in a wide range of projects, such as branding, packaging, Figma web design, and more. Above all, each blob you create with this Figma plugin will be unique and you will have complete control over its characteristics. 

Best Figma Plugins 2022

Here’s the list of the best Figma plugins of 2022 that are still the top choices for Figma designers. 

  • Autoflow
  • Figmotion
  • LottieFiles
  • Design Lint

Design lint

An open-source Figma plugin will keep you away from design inconsistencies. Indeed, creating a design takes a lot of design thinking. While doing that, we may miss out on small details in the design. On the other hand, Design Lint corrects all the inconsistencies in your design with a single click.

The Figma plugin checks for any mismatched elements like fonts, fills, colors, strokes, border-radius, and more. One great thing about this Figma plugin is that it works dynamically. So when you make any corrections while building the design, as a result, it will automatically follow the corrections you made.


Here’s a Figma plugin that works as a GIF bank for you. You get access to thousands of Lottie animations. These fun animations bring life to your Figma designs. All you need to do is drag and drop the .lottie and Lottie.JSON files into your designs. You can upload your .lottie  and .JSON files and also get access to animations previewed in the Lottiefiles.

Also, you can add animations in Figma such as high-quality GIFs and SVGs to your design.


Figmotion allows you to create animations directly in Figma. Designers, you don’t need to use third-party apps anymore. It allows the developers to easily manage the animations as they are built, keeping in mind the web technology.

It is super easy to use. And in a few simple steps, you can create animations for your UI designs. Therefore, you don’t need to be an expert in animation to use this Figma plugin. Apply the properties you need for the Figma animation, defining the functions and timings, and your GTG!

How to use Figmotion:

  • Open the plugin
  • Select your frame.
  • Choose the configurations you need.
  • It should export the video to your design.


While building the design process, you must illustrate the user flow or the user journey. Therefore, it will help you and everyone else understand your design’s user flow. And Autoflow helps you connect two frames with a line or a connector and make the perfect user flow of your design. In short, creating a flow between the two represents a clear idea of the user flow. Moreover, it is a quick and easy way to create user flows. You can create them in no time by creating shapes and connecting them.

And the best part about this Figma plugin is that if you move the shapes or frames around the design, it will automatically update the flow. And there’s no need to apply the plugin every time you make any changes.

How to create a user flow

  • Open the autoflow Figma plugin.
  • Select the color, strokes, and terminal settings.
  • Connect the frames by selecting them together while holding “shift.”

Upcoming Events at Figma

Figma ensures that the Figma community of designers and beginners keeps on growing and sharpening their design skills. Additionally, they wish to create more designers and creative people around. Hence, they keep on coming with events, and workshops for everyone. Check out some of the upcoming events at Figma below: 

TypeHours (Approx)Cost (Approx)
1Figma for Education: Animation Basics in FigmaJan 20, 20239:00 AM (Pacific Time- US & Canada)
“Feb17, 20239:00 AM (Pacific Time- US & Canada)”
2Designers @ Work: profession designer, aujourd’hui et demainFeb 1st, 2023 – Wed8:00 PM UTC
3From browsing to “buy now” – the ROI of UX in e-commerceFeb 1st, 2023 – Wed8:00 PM UTC
4How greater collaboration can scale designFeb 7th, 2023 – Wed1:00 PM UTC


The above-listed Figma Plugins 2023 edition is proof that Figma just got better with the new year. Since the Figma plugins are getting larger by number with time, you can find a plugin for each of your design needs. The key is to find the right set of plugins in Figma that will make your workflow seamless. 

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