Top 10 Websites Built With Laravel Framework

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A well-designed website is vital to get more audience and generate more leads. So, it is important to choose the proper framework for web development. But, it is one of the most difficult things. Mainly, in the first stages of your making site. You can think of some factors to make sure you choose a good framework. Ease and popularity are two such factors. Laravel framework has all the things that your web app needs. 

Laravel framework is a popular PHP framework. It lets Laravel developers write software that runs on the Internet. It has great third-party integrations, deployment, and testing features. So most web developers prefer it.

In this blog, let’s find what Laravel is and why it is popular. We will also go through some famous websites built with Laravel. So, let’s dive in.

What Is Laravel?

So what is Laravel? Laravel is an open-source framework. It follows the PHP programming language. Its creator is Taylor Otwell. He aimed to make it a smart substitute for the CodeIgniter framework. 

And what is laravel used for? It eases tasks in most web projects, such as authentication, routing, sessions, and caching.

So, it got very popular. Then, it became more common after the version 3 release. Some things that made it popular are:

  • Command Line Interface called Artisan
  • Support for the Database system and migrations
  • A packaging system called bundles

The first stable version of the Laravel framework was released in 2011. The current stable version is 5.6, released in 2018. Versions 5.7, 5.8, 7, and 9 came out in 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2022 respectively. 

There are many platforms in the PHP web development market. Still, Laravel is a popular one. Here are some of the features that make it stand out.

1. Blade Template Engine

Laravel has the Blade template engine. It is easy but more potent than other PHP templating engines. The reasons are as follows:

  • No overhead to your web app
  • Plain PHP code in views
  • Easy shortcuts for general PHP functions
  • Template inheritance and display data

2. Eloquent ORM

Laravel development has an eloquent ORM. So, it is easy to implement ActiveRecord for developers from a Laravel Development Company. It makes their interaction with databases clear. They take less time to interact too. 

Eloquent CRM lets developers write database codes through PHP syntax. So, they don’t need to know SQL to change databases.

3. Laravel MVC Architecture

Laravel is an MVC-based PHP web development framework. MVC means Model, View, and Controller. It has certain parts:

  • Model, such as logic and data handling
  • View such as UI
  • Controller processes such as the interface

The MVC design pattern divides the model, view, and controller processes. It also checks the tight gap between presentation layers and business logic. Then, it adds some features to the web development platform like high performance, more safety, and scalability.

4. Object-Oriented Libraries

Laravel framework has some built-in, object-oriented libraries. Their features are useful for a Laravel Development Company.

Other than these features, there are many pros of Laravel development. Some of them are in the next section.

What Are the Advantages of Laravel?

1. Faster Time-To-Market

Laravel works on a modular basis. It makes common tasks easy. In other words, Laravel has many pre-built functions and structures. They work on the latest PHP programming language principles. This makes responsive web apps in less time. 

Laravel is an open-source framework. So, developers keep on improving it. So, the web app development process takes less time. It makes Laravel quick and responsive too. 

So, developers in a Laravel Development Company do not need to write individual lines of code. So, it makes the app delivery take less time. It proves to be economical too.

2. Better Options to Authenticate and Authorize

It is easy to implement the authentication system in the Laravel framework. It can log in, register, and reset passwords through one command. Also, it attends to authorization logic in an easy way. It takes control of access to resources too.

3. No Technical Vulnerabilities

Laravel saves your web app from safety risks. For example, SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, and cross-site scripts are some risks it prevents. So, this saves high costs and time that the safety issue repair can take.

4. MVC Architecture

Laravel architecture is MVC-based. So, it has many built-in functions for developers in a Laravel Development Company. The architecture also gives good documentation and performance.

5. Automated and Unit Testing Feature

The Laravel Framework has automation testing support. So it takes less time to test the app. It gives easy ways to mimic users’ basic behavior too. So, you can make requests, analyze outputs, and click forms.

You can also make sure that the integrated app works in a proper way. Mainly when all the modules add up. This makes the web apps perform great. It optimizes the web code too.

6. Automated Task Execution and Scheduling

You can use an automatic command scheduler in Laravel. It lets you define your command schedule in the Laravel framework in less time. Also, you can carry out the task through one Cron entry. It saves the hosting cost too.

7. Traffic Handling

It is tough to deal with app traffic when it becomes more popular. The Laravel Framework has a message queue system to balance the load. It helps keep a healthy web server balance. It helps manage traffic too. So, it makes a web server strong.

Also, the queue service gives a unified API to many queue backends. It lets you limit the process of a task that takes much time. It gains web requests to your app too.

Top 10 websites built with Laravel

1. Invoice Ninja

InvoiceNinja is an open-source invoice program. It is made for businesses and freelancers. It lets them carry out many tasks. So, you can make invoices, manage payments, and track expenses.

The SaaS model lets users use either their infrastructure or the public cloud. The site’s Laravel PHP framework lets them gain more users. They can tailor each user’s permission levels too.

2. Alison

Alison is the world’s largest Laravel-based, free e-learning platform. It aims to give free education to everyone.

Over 21 million students are enrolled in Alison. It has free courses in many fields. Such as sales & marketing, academics, business, IT, and personal development.

Its motto is “building and sharing.” So, Laravel gives smooth site sharing in many mediums. It has a scalability feature. So, it is easy to run the site. It helps the increasing community too.

3. MyRank

MyRank is an online educational platform that uses the Laravel framework. It uses Laravel’s flexibility to the fullest. Also, it makes a great website that mixes usability with excellent design. The Laravel framework lets users manage huge databases too.

4. Neighborhood Lender

A Neighborhood Lender makes the home loan app process easy. So, users may use loan choices in an effective way. They can use a mortgage calculator too.

The company gives its users good services. It helps them use the cache options too. So they don’t have to give the information again and again. The program can deal with high web traffic in an easy way.

5. BarChart

Barchart is one of the best Laravel-based apps. It is made for finance experts and business owners. It gives them the latest market analysis. Also, it gives information about the USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia stock markets. 

BarChart uses the Laravel-based backend supremacy for financial services.

6. AlphaCoders

The open-source platform AlphaCoders is also made through Laravel. It lets writers and content producers connect with their fan base. Creators can earn money through AlphaCoders too. How? Well, they can monetize their skills through AlphaCoders. The program uses Laravel’s blade template engine.

The site has many wallpapers, avatars, and materials. Also, it has a new creator and is a great platform.

So, AlphaCoders is very scalable. Also, it takes less time to install it with Laravel.

7. Laracasts is another Laravel-built site. It is made for developers who want to improve their web development knowledge. Then, a Laravel Development Company can hire them.

The platform has courses on many subjects. For example, Laravel, JavaScript, Git, PHP, and Vue are some of the subjects. Laracasts has over 3 million users. Also, many Laravel developers approve of this site.

8. October CMS

October CMS is an open-source content management system. It has an easy design. October CMS has a code reuse function. The Laravel framework gives this feature to October CMS. So coders can reuse their code and save time.

9. Asgard CMS

Asgard CMS is another CMS platform created with the Laravel framework. It has great features like responsiveness, Launch Ready, and PHP 7.0.

Also, it has more features. For example, quick installation, language support, modular design, and user-friendliness. You can also tailor sites. So developers in a Laravel Development Company choose it over others.

Asgard CMS has many ready-to-use modules. Also, it aims to make site creation for developers easy and fast in a Laravel Development Company.

10. Cachet

Sometimes, you may face problems with your sites. Such as slow speed or faulty functions. So, Cachet can save you.

Cachet aims to reduce the downtime of your site. So many businesses rely on it. They can tell downtime to their teams and clients in a better way. It also tells about system outrage.

Hire Laravel Developers with CodeTheorem

The Laravel framework has many features. They can make a good web app. Also, it has a creative syntax that makes it more enjoyable. So, the Laravel framework is great for authentication, routing, sessions, and caching tasks. Web apps above fall under many businesses. So, we can say that every business needs Laravel framework developers or a Laravel Development Company to make good web apps. 

Laravel Developers or a great Laravel Development Company are among the most demanded in the market. You may want to hire Laravel developers from a Laravel Development Company to build your site. CodeTheorem is one of the best Laravel Development Companies. It can help you with its reliable Laravel web development services. Their Laravel development team can give you round-the-clock aid for every developmental stage. This way, you can make helpful websites through a skilled Laravel web development company. And then, stand out from the crowd of your rivals.

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