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The world is going digital. Today, no business can imagine seamless growth out of the web. As a result, it has become extremely important to create your online presence to reach a wide range of audiences. A complete website is the first step for creating significant online presence.A website has different types on web page and some of the basic web pages are Home Page, About Us, Registration Page, Contact Page, 404 Page, Service Page, Landing Page, Portfolio Page, Menu Page, FAQs Page

According to Internet Live Stats, there are over 1.8 billion websites on the web in April 2021. This data is going to flourish enormously with a sharp uptick.

So, if you are interested in creating a website, Code Theorem is always here for you. With us, you don’t have to worry about web page design. Instead, you have to finalize the web page template design with us, and we will get your entire work done.

Let’s dive deep into the topic to know more about what web page is-

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What is a Web Page?

A Web Page is a document written in HTML language on the world wide web. It is either static or dynamic and contains graphics, text, hyperlinks, images and animation. You can change the web page background image or web page design templates at any point in time. Make sure you hire developers to get these technical things done.

Various companies also go for web page translators to exceed the geographical boundaries across the international frontier.

Besides that, you can go for a web page test to evaluate its performance and loading time because this is one of the most important points for strengthening your customer base. Do you agree?

Let’s explore different types of web pages you can add to your site-

#1: Home Page

Types of web pages ,Home Page

Home Page is one of the most important pages for any website. It acts as a mirror to your user. It gives the first impression of who you are and what you do. The home page has the highest chances of conversion. Therefore you need to make it picture-perfect, creative, informative and appealing. Hire a creative designing agency now to design the home page of the website.

It contains links to some of the most interactive zones giving direction to the first-time user. For instance, a few of the home pages ask for sign up and log in, while some e-commerce websites showcase products and advertise hot deals to different categories of items.  

  •         Add a wow-effect of media content or animation
  •         Add relevant and appealing call to action button
  •         Present your services with a shorter description
  •         Focus on the look and feel of the homepage design

#2: About Us

Types of web pages ,About Us

About us is an integral part of the web page layout. This type of web page educates the user about the company and its establishment year and experience. The best part regarding the about us section is that – it contributes crucially to branding your business and telling the benefits of working with you.

Studies show that visitors who have seen the ‘about us ’ page will have greater chances of conversion because it builds trust. So don’t forget to add that page to your website.

Followings things you must include:

  •         Vision, Mission and Core Values
  •         Why Choose Us?
  •         Company Profile and Founder’s Message
  •         Client testimonials and Client’s logo

#3: Registration Page

Registration page

Many companies create a separate registration page where users have to register or sign up for the account. Here, no additional content or graphics are required. Instead, just upload the registration fields with the “*” mark to display compulsory fields.

Try to keep it short, simple and functional. Don’t confuse users with too many fields.

Also, if you ever wondered how to convert HTML to a web page or a web page in HTML, Code Theorem will surely help you here. We are a team of experts who can support you anytime, anywhere, no matter what!

#4: Contact Page

contact us page

Once you have created a website, how will your users contact you?

This is where the next page in the types of web page list – contact us comes to the picture. You will have to design a contact us page where they can share their email address, contact information, and scope of work. Whether you are a local company or an internationally recognized firm, it is equally important to add a contact page to your website.

Focus on these things-

  •         Use schema on your phone number and address
  •         Add maps on your contact us page
  •         Add all your social media handles for credibility

#5: 404 Error Page

404 page

You might have found a 404 Error Page on most of the websites. This is nothing but the error message in HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) response code.

When does this 404 error happen?

404 error happens mainly when the site is either deleted, dead or broken. Many times this page has no content, and that does not seem polite to your users. This is how you are losing the interest of your potential visitors. Among all the types of web page, the 404 Error page is paid very little attention, but this page is as much important as other pages mentioned in the blog.

Therefore you can edit the web page background and write a simple line – ‘Nothing can be found here.’

#6: Service Page

Types of web pages  , Service page

As the name suggests, the service page is the introduction to your professional offerings. Visitors are not going to spend much time here reading the bulky content. Therefore, out of all the types of web page, you must focus more on image placement and graphics on this page. Remember this page is as much important as the home page,

You can go with custom illustrations, icons or quality images to amplify the brand message correctly.

  •         Keep the interface neat and clean
  •         Try to use a subtle color combination or go with black and white
  •         Make your fonts and typography visible, readable and actionable

#7: Landing Page

Types of web pages , landing Page

A landing page website is a special kind of web page among the types of web page that presents and focuses on the services to direct the traffic to your home page. The landing page is the first step towards attracting the audiences, giving them a direction to what you are offering.

This page works really great for an e-commerce website to promote new products and arrivals, introduce the communities, and engage with the audiences. Start your lead generation process with landing page templates. You will improve the conversion rates in no time.

#8: Portfolio Page

Types of web pages , Portfolio Page

A portfolio page is one of the most important types of web page that brief out your clients and services that you have delivered them. In addition, many companies add a case study section here to let audiences know how diligently and promptly you have fulfilled their requirements.

So, if your goal is a professional presentation, having a portfolio page becomes inevitable. Add a visual impression with high-quality images whenever the display client works.

#9: Menu Page

Types of web pages , Menu Page

A Menu Page presents a list of content categories and interaction zones. Websites with limited separation go with a menu page to avoid distractions. This page widely focuses on attracting the user’s attention.

The menu Page does not have any transitions, and it is kept simple and minimalistic with a specific structure that does not include an additional web page. Menu Page is the simplest page in the list of types of web page.

#10: FAQs Page

Types of web pages , FAQ Page

FAQ Page answers all your possible questions, which users can certainly ask. The main objective here is to clear the doubts of customers and make them satisfied, which further increases the possibilities of their conversion.

FAQ Page gives you extra benefits for search engine optimization, especially when using schema. You will find these page in almost all the website that includes-

  •         Payment and return process
  •         Questions regarding pricing and features
  •         The process to join the network and others  

The Conclusion

RememberEvery web page is a landing page. And therefore, you need to optimize it to bring traffic to your website.Also, if you find designing a page for a website is a bit complex, our team will get your work done quickly.

Hire the best UI UX website designing Agency to improve your conversion rate. Code Theorem is always by your side in creating, designing and optimizing the web page design.

Give us a call right away.

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