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Having an online presence for your business instantly makes you one of the many. And the level of competition multiplies extensively as compared to a brick-and-mortar model. And one needs to make sure their digital product stands out from the rest. One thing you might wanna look into is product Redesign. This applies even though you already have a website or an application for your business. 

Your existing successful product design may have all of your heart and that will stop you from changing the design. Even though product redesign may not seem like the most appealing idea at the moment to you. But when a design has been around too long you have to understand that you got to make a change i.e redesigning the product.

What will be covered in the blog?

  1. Why Product Redesign is Important?
  2. What is Product redesign?
  3. Product Redesign Vs New Product Design Vs Design Refresh
  4. When should you consider a product redesign?
  5. Benefits of Product Redesign
  6. How to redesign a product? | Product Redesign Process
  7. Conclusion

Why Product Redesign is Important?

To anyone else, product redesign will seem like an easy job. As they think that there’s already an existing product design and a few changes can get the work done. But it goes beyond any random minor changes or features added. A Product redesign should be in disguise, adding value to the product yet not making it obvious to the users. Here, the digital product stays just the same but the experience it delivers to its users makes a bigger difference. 

It is the human tendency that we take time to adapt to change, especially for existing users. TBH, when you have an already successful product, the existing users are not going to react well to the new changes. It’s going to take them to adapt to the changes. But a product redesign can help you attract new users by solving users’ problems. 

Moreover, the online presence is where you are being searched for the most. 80% of the time people judge through your website and the application before anything else. This implies that your digital product needs to be appealing enough with a user experience that is remarkable.

Working on an existing design comes with its own set of challenges. And we’re here to tell you how to beat ’em the right way and perform a successful product redesign that plays the perfect genie in disguise for the users and serves the business goals just right. 

What is Product redesign?


Product Redesign refers to recreating your website or application or digital product’s overall look by making significant changes to the product’s design that improves the user experience. It aims at adding more value to the UX. Here, you have all sorts of data at hand like users, businesses, and competition.

The efforts that go behind the product redesign are often neglected but the designers know the real struggle that goes behind a successful product redesign. Most importantly, the changes don’t need to be grand. Minor changes in style or color can go a long way in improving your product’s look and experience. 

Product Redesign Vs New Product Design Vs Design Refresh

Redesign vs Design vs Refresh

New product design, product redesign, and design refresh all, three often become confusing for not just businesses but designers as well. And a growth-focused business needs to know what they need for its business. You will find these tags being used interchangeably around and the correct meaning always gets lost in the confusion. Let’s get in for a quick overview!

Product Redesign

Product redesign is adding more value to the existing design by making visual updates along with adding or removing some features. It is done when your website or application or digital product hasn’t been updated for a long time or you’ve made technological changes or else your design is not delivering you the desired results. 

Here in redesigning, you will be having solid research data as you already have an existing design and user feedback along with real-time user feedback. Hence, you won’t be needing to go through the whole UX research process from scratch as you do for a new product design. 

New product design

New Product design is when you are designing a product that has no history or predecessors. It is a fresh product design with a new idea where every part of the design process is based on thorough research data and the aim is to build an efficient yet impactful product design. 

A completely fresh design build from scratch, be it user data, innovation, and research work. Here, to check the design feasibility you have to conduct usability testing well with real-time user feedback starting with an MVP

Design Refresh

A design refresh is a complete change in appearance without interfering with the UX structure or the content. It is more like a rebranding of the product by changing the colors, styles, and placement of UI components within the product. It doesn’t change the functionality or the structure but it does bring in a new experience with a different aesthetic of the same product. 

When should you consider a product redesign?

Considering to Redesign

Well, knowing what it redesigning and why you need it is not quite enough. You gotta know when is the right time for you to consider product redesign. We know your head’s been bugging you with the question that when you should consider getting a product redesign. Especially when your digital product is quite new it becomes tricky to decide on the right time and we’re gonna clear the grounds for you!  

1. User Feedback

There’s no better feedback than real-time user feedback. The users know the product very well and they are the ones for whom you’ll be solving the issue so their feedback can help you realize the need for a product redesign. When you notice a lot of negative feedback coming your way, that’s your cue. 

2. Poor product designs

Your idea and features may be right for your users but the poor product design is a big user disappointment. No additional features or offers will help you to onboard or retain users if your design is a hindrance in delivering the primary functionality. These are the products that need to be redesigned.

3. Dated Design

Remember you are not changing the whole outlook of your design. The redesign should be recognizably the same. The most loved features should be exactly where they expect them to be and function the same they expect. 

4. Brand Updates

Whenever you update any element of your brand, you must compulsorily consider going for a product redesign. And redesign a product considering the brand updates comes off as the easiest of all. You never realize it but many apps and brands like Gmail or Instagram wouldn’t have been as successful as they are today if they wouldn’t choose product redesign.    

5. Bad Metrics – Signal for redesigning

How many times you’ve been dissatisfied with the current metrics of your product? And also tired of trying all the alternatives? Now, this is crucial when you need to consider a product redesign. It can attract the users’ attention with a change, and solving their problems will influence them to use and come back to your product. 

Benefits of Product Redesign

benefits redesigning

1. Influenced Buying behavior

Design is impactful and we all know it. A minor change in the design and visual appearance of an application or a website can completely change users’ perceptions. Especially when your existing design is turning out to be fruitful in terms of metrics. Even though the UX structure is good but the visual appeal is not helping, a product redesign can be helpful to turn the tables around. 

2. Technological updates

With new technological changes and updates that your product is adapting, you need to make sure that the product’s design isn’t left behind. If the design is not incorporating the latest technology then it won’t be appealing to the users. And they will shift towards better designs even though your website or application or digital product has a better user experience but an outdated UI can turn harmful to your business. 

3. A new look, new experience

Something new always catches our undivided attention. And it goes the same for your digital product. When you opt for a product redesign it ought to attract a lot of new users. Also, this will enhance the brand’s visibility with existing users. The new and updated design will be well received rather than an outdated design. As a result, you gain more user engagement and expand your user base while the users are satisfied with your digital products. 

How to redesign a product? | Product Redesign Process

How to Redesign product

The first thing you need to decide is whether you’ll be redesigning your product’s design from scratch or it will be an iterative product redesign. When you are opting to redesign your product from scratch it will be requiring a tad bit of research and a systematic framework. Here’s how you can perform a successful product redesign from scratch;

1. Goal-defining & brainstorming 

It starts with a UX audit to identify the problematic areas in your product and see where the change is needed. And you can see how the app, website, or digital product is performing in terms of usability and UX. This can help in defining your goals and objectives for the product redesign. With vital insights into your goals, you can brainstorm solutions according to the user’s needs and serves your business problems. 

2. Research & Data

The best part of product redesigning is you don’t have to go searching for data and metrics. The existing products’ metrics are all you need to make a successful product redesign. You already know your users and their behavioral patterns. And rather than making simply informed guesses, you will be having solid and reliable data. With insightful data, you can very easily target your research and utilize your resources well. You are at a privilege here!

3. Validating ideas

The objectives are quite clear now and you have brought the solutions to the table. But the design solutions need to be validated with usability testing. It can turn out to be efficient for your product redesign process when building from scratch. It is crucial to ensure the solutions you’ve concluded are efficient for the users and the business. 

4. Action Time

Let’s get the drums rolling and start the design part of the process. Develop a systematic design system first and then go through it with the developer’s team to ensure the design’s feasibility. Hence, ensuring that the outcome doesn’t come as rather surprising. 


Well, product redesign may not have been the most intriguing idea for you initially but it sure will be now! A last piece of advice from us! do not expect users to adjust to the new changes. Just like how you test the new product with real users, practice the same here. This way you’ll learn their reactions and get real-time feedback on the updates you have made. 

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