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10 Basic type of Website
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10 Basic Types of Websites 2021 | Choosing right type to make a website

In today’s digital space, the internet is flooding with lots and lots of websites to accomplish one perspective- ‘To Reach out to the Mass Audience.’ All are competing to gain...

UX Review
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UX Review for 2021 – Ultimate Guide | UX Review Checklist | Website Audit

UX Review helps in understanding the current issues or scope of improvement in your product or website. Are you satisfied with how your product or website is performing? Or don't...

Types of web pages
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10 Types of Web Page Ideas to Increase Conversion Rate in 2021|

The world is going digital. Today, no business can imagine seamless growth out of the web. As a result, it has become extremely important to create your online presence to...

UI Buttons, Ui UX Buttons, UI Button
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UI Buttons |Types of UI Buttons – Tried and Tested for 2021| Button Design

UI Buttons are one of the best UI material that instinctively attract and convert visitors to buyers. Different types of UI Buttons that you can use; CTA button, Text button,...

Color Theory
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Color Theory for Designers | Color Wheel Theory | What Each Color Means

Hey, do you know there’s a color theory behind every design? This theory has a positive relationship with the audience’s interest and purchase intent. The blog will be covering :-...

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Prototyping Meaning & Definition | Types of Prototyping | Prototyping Tools

Prototyping is the most basic step in the process of designing products but an essential one in terms of saving time, effort and money as it helps in painting pictures...

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Figma Plugins of 2020 | 8 Plugins That Really Works For Your Website

Figma plugins ease your work and before we get started with plugins first let's know a bit about Figma. Figma is one of the leading cloud-based designing tools that offer...

design process
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Design process: What is UX Design Process? || Why is it so important for designers?

The design process consists of five stages with the objective to build a user-centred design. The five stages are identifying problems, understanding users, analysing correlation, ideation and testing. Before we...

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What is Wireframing || Process & Must-Try Wireframing Tools?

Wireframing is the best way to design and sketch out the layout of the website or mobile application. They are basically black and white layouts that outline the features and...