UX Review for 2021 – Ultimate Guide | UX Review Checklist | Website Audit

UX Review helps in understanding the current issues or scope of improvement in your product or website.

Are you satisfied with how your product or website is performing?

Or don’t know how to improve its performance, reach and impression?

Have you ever gone for a UX review?

Well, you shouldn’t miss this in today’s competitive market. Have a look below and learn what it is about-

What is UX Review?

UX Review is a professional service where experts are involved and help you with a thorough analysis of your product and focus on user experience, usability and business value.

With this UX Audit, you will be able to spot the issues that could have a detrimental impact on your product, and at the same time, give recommendations and solutions to fix them.

So, UX Review is more about –

UX Review = Audit website + Spot issues + Recommendations

As connected products are integrated into more aspects of our day-to-day lives, UX will be responsible for translating strategy into intuitive experiences.


Why is it important to conduct UX Review?

According to a research study, 90% of audiences shift to other app or website when they do not find incredible user experience. Therefore it is essential to conduct a UX Review and improvise it as much as you can because you can’t afford to miss any visitor.

Having a website review is eye-opening that highlights how your customers use your product and suggest what best you can offer to potential users.

Did you know the fact that Facebook observed a 20% increase in article clicks, a 30% increase in stories reach and a 70% increase in the readability score because of redesigning the platform?

  •         UX Review helps you gain a new perspective of your website or product
  •         It supports your brand in creating a simple and clear roadmap of your next steps
  •         Most importantly, let you compete with the leading competitors

Small problems can lead to big dropout, and therefore with a significant UX review; you can test and iron out the loopholes from your product. It will decrease bounce rates and bring meaningful click-throughs and potentially higher returns.

When to do UX Review? Who should do UX Review?

Designing trends are always good news for the upcoming years. Therefore, it is essential to keep on reviewing UX to pace up with the trend.

Generally, companies hire professional and experience UX Designers for auditing the user experience, data and insights of a website or product. But, if you have the right skill set to deliver an impeccable recommendation and suggestion for redesigning, you can definitely do UX Review.

However, this requires concentration, keen attention to detailing and a broader perspective towards designing elements. In addition, you need to spend atleast 1-2 hours reviewing UX from the point of view of audiences.

Check List of UX Designing

  1.     Conducting well-defined user research
UX Review

Creating a user persona to empathize with the potential user. Consider the following characteristics-

  •         Age and Gender
  •         Occupation
  •         Education Background
  •         Income
  1.     User Journey and User Mapping
UX Audit

Creating a customer journey map helps identify what it takes to meet users’ goals.

  •         Identify issues that user may face
  •         Empathize with customers
  1.     Sitemap Creation
UX Review

It allows you to define the information architecture and develop the wireframing for your project. In addition, you can create a clear navigation structure.

  1.     Prototyping

It allows you to test and inspect the features before launching into the market. Start with a low fidelity prototype to solely focus on creating a layout.

  1.     User Testing


User Testing

With user testing, you can identify the degree of interaction between the designs and targeted users and accordingly suggest the changes.

But, wait, how to do UX Review?

Here are some of the UX improvement methods are-

1. Technical Review

While conducting UX UI Review, you need to focus on the technical aspect too that requires more and less coding. However, it can bring drastic changes to your conversion rates. Want to try this? Check out what does it includes-


Page Speed Insights will help you analyze website speed and offers some relevant tips and tricks for –

  •         Optimizing the image
  •         Caching of assets
  •         Optimization at desktop and mobile level


The demand for SEO is increasing exponential because everyone wants to beat the heat of competition and come first in search engine. Make sure your page has an-

  •         Enticing title
  •         Right insertion of keywords
  •         Making alt tags for descriptive

You can use Lighthouse to make web performance easy and smooth. 

Accessibility Review: The world is going digital. Don’t you think your website or product must be strong enough to reach every corner of the world? After all, ignorance of accessibility often results in a lost sale or inactive leads.

During UX issues finding, you need to focus on-

  •         Font types and sizes – Readable and Understandable
  •         Colour combination – Appealing and Attractive
  •         Placement of navigation buttons

Use Google Lighthouse to get reliable feedback on progressive web app features, accessibility or screen readability.

3.  Open Source Review

For evaluating potential usability issues, a UX review is a must. It includes-

Heuristic evaluation

It is a quick method for identifying potential error-prone features based on usability principles-

  •         Is the screen confusing?
  •         Will the user know what does this button represent?

Analytical data analysis

Analytical data analysis lets you track and collect user data to learn their behaviour and actions. It helps you identify where the users are coming from, how many and what problems they are encountering and others.

Content Audit

Content audit helps in determining whether the language is easy to read and understandable. Make sure it is SEO-Friendly and validate the user experience of any product.

The Final Words

If you want a quick and efficient UI UX review, the best way to do it is to hire a professional UI UX design Company. They usually have a team of experienced UI UX designers who can conduct UX product reviews and enact necessary changes to boost the revenue of your business.

Of course, it may seem expensive to you first, but, believe it or not, this is a worthy investment to your website for earning an exponential return.

Give us a call now for UX analysis!

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